March 2020

Why I created this page.....
At the moment we are all self isolating and avoiding direct contact, which has been a real issue with continuing instrumental lessons within school. The Music Service are currently working on implementing an online teaching portal that will satisfy the council guidelines.

A lot of parents have contacted me regarding online lessons, and although in the private sector this is acceptable, as a student learning within school, we are not allowed to teach via our own personal computers and mediums such as skype or zoom, for reasons of safeguarding and online security.

Until this system has been approved, I intend to add tasks or theory games each week so that every student has a task to complete or focus on.

I am not a technical whizz with a computer so I do hope this will be successful, and please be patient with me whilst I learn as I go in this new world of gizmos and gadgets

Happy music making everyone!

Best wishes


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