Creative Composing Week One
This week, be a composer! Experiment with your instrument and improvise. Choose a limited range of notes when you start. This will allow you to create a more flowing shape, and a better tune. Don't try to have busy rhythms, take your time, use rests, minims, semibreves etc. Try and decide on an inspiration to make your music about.... a sunny day, favourite pet, haunted castle, train journey, it's up to you! Try and capture a mood.

This is your piece of music so there is no right or wrong way to create... You can write letters down with note values next to them, or use the manuscript lines at the back of your music practice book. Don't forget I want to hear them when we all meet up at school. Record your performance or host a concert at home for your family, perhaps design a programme and play a selection of your favourite pieces.

Interesting Fact: Mozart wrote his first piece of music when he was five... I will attach a link for you to listen to. It's called Minuet and Trio in G major.

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