ABRSM Test Paper Samples

Week one: Students that are grade one and above.

For secondary students or any pupils that are above ABRSM grade 1 practical level, I would suggest that you have a look at these links to the ABRSM free resources for theory. Learning about music theory is important for us, as it helps us to understand all the technical side of creating a piece of music, rhythm, melody, harmony, structure etc.
Have a look at the link that is most appropriate to your level. Even if you are grade four practical, it is worth looking through the lower levels of the theory to fill in any gaps in your learning or memory. Also, we have to study Bass clef, which for woodwind players is a new concept, as all the clarinettists, flautists etc will be reading treble clef.

ABRSM Theory Quiz

ABRSM Test Paper Samples

ABRSM resources

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